Kenny K and the Way

Picking up a guitar was a natural consequence of his surroundings for Kenny K, who, while running the popular punk store, "B Unique" in Asbury Park, NJ, was constantly exposed to musicians and other music industry professionals. Teaching himself to strum in between customers, Kenny didn't consider himself a musician until one magical night at a local bar. Molly Maguires was famous for attracting all the best performers to their regular Open Mic Nights, and Kenny had been a regular. But the night he took the stage, destiny was waiting.

The crowd went wild for Kenny's performance, and from that night on, whenever Kenny took the stage, he had musicians and singers from the audience and other acts ask to join him, or "get in the way" as they put it. And Kenny, always fun loving and spontaneous, welcomed them every time. Out of that energy, Kenny K + The Way was born, with many guest stars still "getting in the way" as Kenny K + The Way continue to be inclusive and experimental with every new album.