Roberta Finocchiaro

Roberta Finocchiaro was born in Catania on October 10th 1993 in a family of musicians. Since childhood she begins to cultivate her passion for music.

Ten years old, she starts playing the guitar as a self-taught and begins to write the first songs. Shortly she takes lessons of piano and subsequently of guitar.

In 2010 she begins to perform in the clubs and squares with her band.

In December 2014 Roberta is noticed by Tillie Records, a record company of Simona Virlinzi, sister of the catanese music producer Francesco Virlinzi.

In 2015 she works for the creation of the first "Foglie Di Carta" Album, a pop / blues / folk genre inspired by American sounds.

Start the Mini tour "Live paper leaves" with dates around Italy.

In December 2016 Roberta goes onstage at Light Of Day (Italy) playing with some musicians of Bruce Springsteen.

On December 7, 2016 she opens the last date of the "On" a tour of Elisa.

In September 2017 the recording of her second album began in Memphis (Tennessee) at Sam Phillips Recording with the participation of American musicians; two in particular, accompanied in various recording studios and tours, her favorite musician John Mayer; drummer Stephen Chopek and bassist David LaBruyere (who will also take care of the artistic production of the album).

In December 2017 Roberta performed for the first time at the Ariston Teather in Sanremo winning the Fiat Music of Red Ronnie.

In January 2018 she performed at Light Of Day in Asbury Park (New Jersey).

In December 2018, the album Something True was released.
In September 2019 Roberta enters the studio in New York to record the third album "Save Lives With The Rhythm" produced by Steve Jordan and released on June 5, 2020. During the months of lockdown, Roberta won the social contest launched by Alex Britti, and finally on August 18 she redeemed her prize at the Piombino Festival by opening the concert and playing with Alex 7000 caff?.
Roberta also participates in the first Bruce Springsteen contest "Cover Me" with the song "New York City Serenade" winning the critics' prize.

In June 2021 Roberta accompanied Cristiano Godano of Marlene Kuntz on his solo tour "Mi Ero Perso Il Cuore Tour".

On August 6, 2022 Roberta opens Ben Harper's concert at the Greek Theater in Taormina.
On September 29 and October 1, 2023, Roberta performs in the States for two special live shows at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles and the Transparent Clinch Gallery in Asbury Park, New Jersey.